AvmGames Escape Thanksgiving 2018

AVM Escape Thanksgiving 2018 is another point & click escape game developed by AVMGames. You once heard a story about pizzas replacing turkeys in Thanksgiving. Although you like traditional things, you also thought it would be better. You sometimes feel sad seeing your beloved turkey on the table during Thanksgiving... Then again, your family business is breeding turkeys. You're raising a lot of them, and you always take the weekend shift. You know how many are in your farm. You managed to even name a few of them until it became too confusing for you. But you make sure that they are very comfortable under your watch. They have a wide pen for them to run around and explore the space they have. When you let them out, you need to watch them well, as some of them can escape and just run around without direction. Although you want them to enjoy a little freedom, too much is trouble. Good luck and have fun!

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